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Gift Pack of 6 Scented Soy Wax Tea Lights

Image of Gift Pack of 6 Scented Soy Wax Tea Lights

Minimalistic soy candles with scents inspired by Swedish regions. Nicely packaged gift pack of 6 tea lights. 100% soy wax, high quality fragrance oils, hand poured.

A woodsy scent with a feminine touch, inspired by Bergslagen, a distinct mining district in Sweden, where the mining industry and making of iron and other metals have been an important part of life since the Middle Ages.

Bold and uplifting rose scent.
This magical island in the Baltic Sea, with it's main city Visby and it's magnificent roses climbing the 12th century ring wall that still surrounds the city. Also the home of Ingmar Bergman.

Woodsy green scent with a hint of citrus. Sweden is covered in forests and even more so in the sparsly populated Norrland, most of it above the Artic circle. Due to the cold winters the forest floor is usually moss filled and free from undervegetation which makes them look like straight out of a fairy tale and easy to hike in.

Relaxing lavender scent made from high quality fragrance oils.
Granite cliffs rounded smooth from the ice age, makes the area north of Gothenburg a beautiful "Joshua Tree by the sea". The archipelago in this part of the North Sea combined with the warm gulf stream also makes this area surprisingly swimmable in the summer.